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Frequently Ask Questions

You accept credit card payments. How secure is your site?
When you make a payment online, you are transferred to the PayPal site which is certified as Very Secure. Your credit card details are never revealed to us at thepunjabi.com or to anyone else. Visit Pay Pal at www.paypal.com
If I give my email id to register on your site, will you give it to other companies?
Never. We do not share our list with any other company or agency.

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I don’t want to pay by credit card. How do I pay?
You can send us a cheque or demand draft or money order payable to Amit Mittal Barnala at our terrestrial address (go to ABOUT US). If you are paying by cheque, please add US$ 9.00 to any cheque drawn on a bank outside India. You don’t need to add this amount to cheques that will pay at par, or to money orders or demand drafts
It is too much of a hassle paying by cheques or draft or money order for single copy orders. What should I do?
You could deposit an advance with us, from which we will keep deducting for every purchase you make. We will inform you about the balance in your account.
How may I get the books?
After receiving the payment we will dispatch your order By Registered Air Mail Post.


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