This woman is in deep love with him and trusts your wholeheartedly

This woman is in deep love with him and trusts your wholeheartedly

She is the eldest Princess of your own Aldegyr Empire. Sayaka temporarily said regarding the the lady inside Episode 9 whenever she advised Kojou one to she is actually sent because the an observer of Los angeles Folia. La Folia are viewed by Kojou and he very first believe the woman getting Kanase. In the event the situation regarding ily was visiting the island, she immedialtely chose Kojou and you may went so you’re able to him when the woman dad disagreed on her behalf decision even willing to choice the girl virgininty in Kojou battle with Alader in order to achieve a couple wants: one to she knew he would win (in accordance with that it put an end to the argument together with dad and everyone otherwise) and you can 2nd and then make your a person in new Whisper Yard.

Kanon Kanase [ ]

She is a lady who was experimented abreast of by the lady adoptive dad who had nearly turned into their with the a phony angel. Los angeles Folia shown within the Occurrence 11 one she was their cousin, because the she is actually a young child of their grandfather that has a keen fling with an excellent Japanese girl, who was new after shown regarding the Amphisbaena Arc given that Kensei Kanase’s brother, and come up with Kensei this lady uncle. She phone calls Kojou ”Brother”. She enjoys him deeply and you can rarely will leave their front side.

Kiriha Kisaki [ ]

She is the latest dark blade shaman that appears on the season dos of your own comic strip she commonly teases your when they are as much as one another.

Yume Eguchi [ ]

She’s the latest boat regarding Lilith, the brand new planet’s strongest succubus. The fresh intimidation one to Yume choose to go courtesy because of the girl head-handle secret produced this lady think that her lives are always cause issues and you will harm to others. She couldn’t eliminate by herself within the an easy way given that Lilith would merely find some other appropriate ship hence person would also must endure, thus she chose to help Taishikyoku within propose to manage Leviathan, the best traditions weapon from the period of the fresh gods given that she actually is this new becoming on most powerful brain-handle secret, only to betray him or her and you may show this lady genuine purpose which was so you’re able to perish in to the Leviathan, with the capability to dissipate people organization to the nothing and that will kill the girl together with Lilith. Although not, Kojou conserves their and gives the lady a classification so you’re able to her existence.

Yuiri Haba [ ]

This woman is a blade Shaman on the Lion Queen Institution. She was nominated since the an applicant getting to get Kojou’s observer however, was not chosen. Throughout 1st interviewing Yuiri, Kojou indexed that she is relatively regular compared to most other lady in the Lion King Service: Yukina, Sayaka and you can Papers Looks have tried so you’re able to kill him during their earliest conference.

She has feelings to have your and is jealous assuming Kojou and you can Yukina have become close. She have a tendency to believes what would keeps happened in the event that she try picked in place of Yukina.

Shio Hikawa [ ]

Because of the lady relationship that have Yuiri along with her instead obstinate characteristics, Shio is a bit persistent regarding admitting this lady attitude having Kojou away from consideration to own Yuiri, but she still values him very much and certainly will rely on your while in dilemmas.

Kasugaya Shizuri Castiella [ ]

Delivered in Seasons IV Event 1, she was initially allowed to be Kojou’s observer once they coached along with her during the Onrai Island to possess six months. Due to the fact Kasugaya has actually anything of an effective tsundere-instance character, Kojou and her would sometimes enter arguments, however, she cares getting him, still, and you will are really shaken as he instantly disappeared realizing their attitude to the your. Such as the other female, she likes your seriously and you can she seldom leaves their front.


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