The TARDIS dematerialised out of a park inside Colchester, Essex, leaving the fresh new Dy caught up about TARDIS

The TARDIS dematerialised out of a park inside Colchester, Essex, leaving the fresh new Dy caught up about TARDIS

After they was reunited, your medical professional led the woman to write an email in order to his early in the day care about to direct your so you can rent a flat regarding Craig Owens. She had distressed during the Doctor for finding Craig and Sophie together with her when he would rencontres militaires pour adultes not rating her men. Whenever you are lookin the Physician’s coat pocket to have a pencil, she located a jewellery container, that has their engagement ring from the now-removed Rory. She cannot mount people thoughts to help you it, however, thought a mysterious partnership. (TV: The latest Lodger)

Searching an invitation so you can an excellent reunion, this new Dy arrive at galactic place-big date co-ordinates 2-0-0-0-11-0 by the 01, where they certainly were met of the a beneficial Dalek, a good Cyberman, an excellent rogue Ood and you will a sobbing Angel. All attempted to kill the Doctor basic, resulting in him or her attacking each other and enabling the brand new Dy in order to escape regarding disturbance. (COMIC: Doctor Whom together with Last Remain)

The latest Dy landed toward an asteroid in which an old domestic endured. They found Professor Landale and you can Skip Clean got laid a declare to rescue legal rights of the house, and therefore consisted of books and you can video clips about Ninth Dynasty of Arkatron and you can deactivated its alarm systems. They met a man purporting to-be the fresh home’s curator named “Lester Forge”. Amy discover your body of Miss Dellman additionally the Dy realised that the “curator” were a beneficial prisoner entitled Maxim Klart, brand new mastermind about the new Ninth Dynasty’s killings and disappearances and you can Miss Dellman’s murderer. Klart ended up being create off his imprisonment inside the a great stasis sleep when the alarm hit a brick wall. Your doctor reconnected the fresh home security system, while the robot guards put Klart into his bed. Brand new Dy, Landale, and you will Crisp every decided to get off the spot as it is discovered, and never to tell someone about it. (PROSE: Magic regarding Arkatron)

Amy as well as the Doctor went to Room Fl a week before situations of your Healthcare provider’s erasure. (TV: The major Fuck)

The fresh Dy observe this new earliest making reference to brand new eldest entire world of the market. Its meaning had never been discerned. By using the TARDIS’s interpretation matrix, he was happy that he and Amy could be the basic to previously read it. Coming to the brand new cliff deal with, they discover brand new interpreted welcome, “Hello, Sweetie,” and a couple of coordinates to have Stonehenge on 21 January 102 Post. (TV: The brand new Pandorica Opens up)

A few thousand many years asleep [ ]

On getting within a Roman encampment near Stonehenge, Amy together with Doctor met Lake Song once again. Inside a cave below Stonehenge, it receive the epic Pandorica hence drill a striking similarity so you can the fresh new instance of Pandora’s Field towards security away from Amy’s favourite publication out of childhood. She was attacked by disembodied head of a good Cyberman. Brand new centurions ended up being Autons exactly who noticed on their own to become actual, the original certainly exactly who to voluntary to become listed on River within Stonehenge try an Auton incarnation of one’s deleted Rory Williams. Amy failed to acknowledge him in the beginning however, gradually stumbled on remember, finally embracing him and you can welcoming your to get the brand new band for the her digit, your doctor with returned it to help you your regarding the cavern. The fresh new Alliance activated new Autons, and additionally Rory who was struggling to fighting the latest programming so you can shoot Amy lifeless. (TV: New Pandorica Opens)

She displayed her or him an extended-undetectable decorate by the Vincent van Gogh, The fresh new Pandorica Opens, and therefore portrayed this new Doctor’s TARDIS bursting and you can bore the current day and you may location encoded instead of the phone information

The good news is, your doctor timely turned up through River’s vortex manipulator, just before Amy got totally passed away. He instructed Rory to help you 100 % free your throughout the Pandorica and set Amy to the to store the girl lifetime. His younger mind, free of the brand new pitfall, aided Rory so you’re able to close Amy within it to store the girl real time for the next several millennia. Over the Doctor’s arguments, Rory signed up to remain about and make certain the lady safety, received their sword and sat as a result of hold off.


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